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The most caring n professional dentist i have visited thus far…Root canal n crown treatment done with Dr Naresh Kumar from Happy Smile Dental clinic@ Chennai. Followed up thoroughly till flight back to Singapore… More than a dr, has become a good friend. Thanks Dr…

Danapal Kumar

The two doctor’s (Dr. Sujatha an d Dr. Naresh) helped me to release the pain by extracting the teeth. I had requested their help on a Saturday night. By next morning (Sunday usually a holiday) they booked an appointment for me and removed the teeth. With the help of Dr. Khadhie (consultant surgeon), finally found face again. The equipment place ambience, (and air conditioning) give a very positive approach to their entire system. So both doctor patiently answered all my doutes which made me happiest. Thank doctor’s and all then very best for the future.

Ajan Kumar

Mr & Mrs: Naresh both are really very good doctors. We never feel that we all coming to a clinic for treatment. I really feeling thankful to god for connecting me my daughter and my mother with them treatment approach attitude every thing no words to explain. God bless them.


Friendly approach with the patient. Had a nice time over near doing treatment. They make every move on patience benalt. I had a happy smile as the clinic name. Thanks for preventing teeth the enhanced after the treatment.


Very interactive educative and caring people, focused on patient’s welfare genuinely

V. Subramanian

The follow up with patients for further treatment is very meticulous. Points for improvement: while doing surgery talking to thr patient to understand the procedure is required.


This clinic has a very good ambience. The doctor’s were very, very mind and considerate, as I had brought my mother asked more than 85 years for treatment, the doctors had excellent knowledge and experience.

K. Thyagarajan

Excellent Keep up the Good work.

K.M. Subramaniam

Friendly treatment patients. Good treatment, fellow ups is good.


The dedication towards the work. Both the doctors are excellent, The atmosphere in the clinic is very cosy and smoothing.

Uma Subramaniam

Good ambience. Approachable was great & Follow- up with patients was good. Interactive transparent. Explaining process & procedure was very transparent. Great experience! Hats Off!! Great!!


Never ever seen dentist like. Thanks

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